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We offer diverse ways for employees to clock-in based on their work environment or industry, via mobile devices, kiosk or biometric timeclocks. And clocking information will be automatically synchronized with our Cloud-based CleverTime time tracking software online.

What we can do for you

Whether you’re an emerging company looking for better control over employees timesheet and labour, or are a large company with more complex workforce management needs, CleverTime can help you streamline between different software solutions such as payroll processing and simplify human resources administration economically.

How the CB System timesheet app works
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Easy to use

Employees simply enroll, scan using bio-metric features and done! Easy to use & setup!

Operation Intelligence

Lead the way and move beyond outdated time card, spreadsheets and punch clocks. Process employee time and attendance with proficiency and flexibility.

Cloud Base

CleverTime is a hosted SaaS application. Completely cloud-based means no installing any software or equipment.

Industry Focus

We know our customers and work closely with you to provide the best solution for your industry needs!

Customised Solutions

With wide range of report options and ability to deal with flexible pay rule settings, CleverTime can handle almost any business needs.

Superb Support

Our knowledgeable and friendly support team provide a helping hand on any questions you may have in a timely manner.

Free Cover

We have affordable packages for small & BIG. And we give free on-going support for all customers.

Amazing Application Integrations

We can get your data transfer to your payroll straight from CleverTime, no fuss!

What our customer say about us

Together, we built successful business. 

CB Systems timesheet has reduced my weekly workload by around 3-5 hours. The reports generated have allowed the team to assess their own hours and request changes. Punctuality has also increased.

Aaron G.

Proper Snack Foods
I love how easy Clevertime is to navigate and how all information is displayed right from the dashboard. I have been able to keep up to date on all of my staff and even other teams based on the timesheet when needed from work or home.
ARI icon

Nicole B.

ARI Auckland
Its a great system, that is easy to use, its quick and efficient and if you need help it's there straight away. I have really enjoyed using it. We do have a large number of staff so the time it takes for me to whip through it everyday is great. Thank You CleverTime !!

Sue H.

Allproof Industries N.Z

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"We have been using the CB Systems timesheet for a few months now in our organization. Putting in a digital system has allowed our admin team to save time with getting timesheet together from our warehousing staff, allows us to generate reports for payroll in a fraction of the time."
Javed K.
Bunzl Outsourcing Service
"Streamlined the whole payroll process from start to finish. Very good product and excellent support (on the rare occasion that its needed). Thank you, CB Systems team!"

Davi W.
Coherent Hotel
"Hi CB Systems team, it’s been working great for us, it takes care of processing timesheets as we were doing thing manually before and the time theft issues. It took a couple of weeks for the staff to actually remember to punch in-out, but now everyone is on board!"
Karen L.
Alice May Restaurant
"We have found that we’ve been able to rely on CleverTime to give us constant accurate data & reports at anytime, anywhere due to the system being cloud based. It has helped us with Performance reviews as we can produce a report on Attendance, Punctuality and extra time."
Josh F.
Springbrook Foods