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CB Systems is the across the board the executives programming that covers every one of your needs about representatives’ Time and Attendance from Employees Clocking; Timesheet Management; Scheduling; Job Costings; Reporting; Visitors Management and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. CB Systems is exhaustive yet easy to understand and adaptable. It can coordinate delightfully with MYOB programming. Giving the most extreme advantage of system computerization and correspondence for a smoother work process and spare time on organization and guarantee straightforwardness for the board.

CB Systems have various products that can be helpful in the daily life of any of their customers.

Clever Go Employees

·       Monitor all staff remotely using an internet-connected device. Simply log in to your account with a web browser and you can view all employee activity anytime, anywhere.

·       With Clever Go you have access to the complete browsing history of your employees. The program records all URLs opened in the browser and has additional features to track the time and duration of site visits. All information is conveniently displayed in charts and graphs.

·       Clever Go provides detailed information about the applications used on employee computers. In addition, the analysis module allows you to check the frequency and period of use of each application.

Biometric time clock

Accurately tracking employee time is an important part of payroll. Incorrectly recorded data can waste both time and money. CB System employee time clocks are some of the highest rated machines available today. This includes digital keypad time clocks, biometric time clocks, proximity card readers, card swipe systems, and more. With this biometric time clock, you can manage your employees in the best way possible.

CB Systems provide following vital features in their every product and they make them more valuable as compared to others in the market.


Solid data security is never a choice. It ought to be enveloped by all aspects of your business, particularly your technology. CB System can tailor your security plan to your needs and spending plan. Digital security dangers are always advancing. If a company is not up to date, they cannot help keep you protected. CB System provides you the maximum assurance of data security and protection.


By utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to collect, analyze, and correlate threat data, CB Systems Continuously collect data to identify potential threats and provide insight into attack risks and vulnerabilities. CB Systems give every minute of every day security checking and IR to identify dangers, for example, system arrangement changes and consistence infringement for the help of our significant clients. Additionally, Triage cautions with an information driven approach and react to risk occurrences at the ideal time dependent on need.

Active management

As we know proactive management must go beyond mere monitoring. CB Systems discuss your business goals, and make technical plans to achieve those goals. They make sure that you always gain the facility of active management.

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