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Superb Customer Service

At CBSYS, we are not just technology driven but we also provide the best services to our customers.  We understand that every industry & business is different so we carefully tailor our solutions for you & work together in trust and reliability.







Using the CleverTime system has enable our company to track and record staff times more accurately, saving us time and effort when processing payroll & charging.



We have been using the CB Systems for a few months now in our organisation.  Putting in a digital system has allowed our admin team to save time with getting time sheets together from our warehousing staff, allows us to generate reports for payroll in a fraction of the time.  The product has allowed us to monitor and review O/T, eliminate disputes with late arrival or early departure.  Our staff have access to the timesheets, thus they can review themselves and escalate any discrepancies.

Set up and install process was made very simple by CB Systems and we were able to have completed in a short period of time, and follow up support has been fantastic.  Any escalations have been resolved quickly with little or no disruption to the operation.”


Bunzl Outsourcing Service


Streamlined the whole payroll process from start to finish. Very good product and excellent support (on the rare occasion that its needed)

Coherent Hotel


Hi CB Systems team, it’s been working great for us, it takes care of processing timesheets as we were doing thing manually before and the time theft issues. It took a couple of weeks for the staff to actually remember to punch in-out, but now everyone is on board! Thanks for the support we have received from you guys, it’s been great!

Alice May Restaurant


We have found that we’ve been able to rely on CleverTime to give us constant accurate data & reports at anytime, anywhere due to the system being cloud based. It has helped us with Performance reviews as we can produce a report on Attendance, Punctuality and those putting in the extra time to complete a job properly.

Springbrook Foods

Services Standards

We ensure our teams are always reachable via email, online Help desk & phone when you needed within working hours. Our responses time is within an hour in average.

IT resources

We aim to make things easy here at CBSYS. So we will take care of most IT requirements & issues needed for our system & we are happy to work with your IT department to meet their standard security procedures.


Hiccups happens in life, like anything! If there is something wrong happened in our system, by you or us, do not worry. We always have our knowledgeable team to help and sufficient disaster recovery process for your data.

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